Quế Mai is passionate about film making. She is the producer of more than ten short films, with the most significant being the Decent Work Film Series for the International Labour Organisation (a UN agency). These films have been screened at many local and international conferences:




As a freelance journalist, Quế Mai has authored hundreds of articles and essays.  


Việt Nam needs better waste management systems and pro-active attitudes: Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 1 September 2019:

Employment generation critical for the sustainable development of Việt Nam: Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 14 July 2019:

Corruption in the education section of Việt Nam needs to be dealt with, Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 29 May, 2019:

The wounds we inflict on our children, Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 18 May, 2019:

A story about an American veteran who returns to Việt Nam and promotes the country's food heritage - its fish sauce: Tiền Phong Newspaper, 17 March 2019:

Are Vietnamese people aggressive? Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 14 April, 2019:

Women and children need better protection from sexual harassment, Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper, 23 March, 2019:

An essay about the work of the Canadian Kim Thúy on Người Đô Thị's Special New Year Edition, 22 February, 2019:

A short story on Tuổi Trẻ's Special New Year Edition, 8 February, 2019:


When the Going Got Tough, Tết Got Going:

Every year, as the pages from my block calendar peel off, bringing me towards another New Year, my mind is once again filled with nostalgia about an old Tết. The Tết in my memory begins with the days of my childhood in a small house nestled under a coconut grove on the outskirts of Bac Lieu Village in the Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam. Those were the days of hardship, yet my parents worked hard so that Tết could bloom brilliantly for all of us. Read more:

Poetry, myth and a utopian vision: 

On a foggy morning in February 2012, winter had dropped a blanket of light rain and mist over a delegation of 80 international and over 100 local poets as we proceeded to Poem Mountain (núi Bài Thơ), Halong Bay. The road was muddy and uneven, and the wind threatened to blow us sideways. As we hung on to each other’s arms for support, we could not resist casting quick glimpses out to the bay, where hundreds of small mountains sprang up from the crystal, blue water. Read more:

Articles commissioned by Vietnam News, the national English newspaper of Việt Nam:

Interview with Suzi Garner, whose book and exhibition "The Lonely Langur" aims to save Cat Ba Langur, a type of langur unique to Vietnam:

Interview with Larry Heinemann, winner of the 1987 US National Book Award for Fiction, regarding his novels about Vietnam:

Interview with Elizabeth McLean, winner of the UK's Impress Prize for New Writers 2011, regarding her novel Imagining Vietnam:

Interview with two-time Grammy Award-winning conductor and artistic director of Southwest Chamber Music, who enables Vietnamese music to wow foreign audiences: