Quế Mai has authored hundreds of articles and essays.  


Read Your Way Through Hanoi, The New York Times

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Decades after the Việt Nam War, Healing is Much Needed for Amerasians and Their Families, USA Today

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The Door into Vietnamese Culture and History: Prairie Schooner

Books that pull me up, sustain me, and give me strength during the coronavirus pandemic, The Washington Independent Review of Books

Nude Photography Exhibition Breaks Boundaries, Việt Nam News

Quế Mai is passionate about film making. She is the producer of more than ten short films, with the most significant being the Decent Work Film Series for the International Labour Organisation (a UN agency). These films have been screened at many local and international conferences:





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When Strangers Come to Your Home on Vietnamese New Year: Tiền Phong's New Year Special Edition, 6 January 2020. Download pdf tien-phong_2020_lq

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The Teacher From Whom I First Learned English at 8th Grade: VnExpress Newspaper, 20 November 2019. Read here

How Books Opened the Pages of My Life: Văn Học và Tuổi trẻ (Literature and Youth Magazine), Issue 10, 2019. Download pdf here: chan-dung-van-hoc-1. 

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Young Buds, a short story: Tuổi Trẻ's Special New Year Edition, 8 February 2019. Read here.


Nostalgia for the Vietnamese New Year of the Past: Vietnam Heritage Magazine, Jan-Feb 2013. Read here.

Poetry, Myth and a Utopian Vision: Vietnam Heritage Magazine, Jan-Feb 2013. Read here.

"The Lonely Langur" to save Cat Ba Langur from dying: Việt Nam News, 28 January 2013. Read here.

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