Join Hands with Me


As an advocate for peace and justice, Quế Mai volunteers with a number of non-profits. You are warmly invited to join hands with her in supporting the following organizations in any capacity that you can:

* Quế Mai is the Peace Ambassador for PeaceTree Vietnam, an organization that works to remove unexploded bombs in Việt Nam, the Author Advocate for Room to Readan organisation that aims to erase global illiteracy and promotes girls’ education, an editor of DVAN's publishing series, a non-profit which publishes books to fight against misrepresentation, the Advisor for Stories of Vietnam, a project that publishes and distributes free children books in Vietnamese and English, and the Ambassador for ShelterBox Bookclub, a UK charity book club which has raised £1 million to provide emergency shelter for families across the world after disasters.

* Quế Mai is an Associate Voice for the Intergenerational Trauma Think Tank (a joint initiative between The Wellbeing Project and Georgetown University which aims to bring social changes based on a deeper understanding of intergenerational trauma).

* In helping family members separated by the Việt Nam War to unite, Quế Mai is currently a volunteer with Amerasians Without Borders and Operations Reunite. Both of these organizations employ DNA testing to help family members find each other.